Time Timer workExplore Time Timer at Work

At your desk, in the boardroom or on the wall of the conference hall, the Time Timer increases productivity by creating a sense of urgency and keeping everyone on track. Use it throughout your work day for project management, appointments and team meetings. Then, set it to make sure you get out the door and home on time!

Use your Time Timer at Work:

  • Stay on task and focused throughout the day.
  • Maximizes efficiency in keeping with LEAN manufacturing principles—time is money!
  • Helps to keep meetings on track at a glance, while giving everyone equal time to participate.
  • Facilitates workshops, breakout sessions and refreshment breaks.
  • Creatives: generate ideas more quickly through timed brainstorming.
  • Healthcare: keep schedules moving and effectively manage time spent with patients.
  • Sales: deliver succinct, impressive presentations without the “mental math” of how much time remains.