Time Timer educationExplore Time Timer® for the Classroom

In education: Teachers around the world have discovered the power of the award-winning Time Timer. You transform stressful transition periods, reduce resistance to routines and increase the ability to manage your classrooms.

The Time Timer helps students of all ages and understand the passage of time. This provides them the opportunity to focus. Which in today’s challenging and chaotic learning environment, is not often easy to do. Isn’t that what you want for your classroom?

Use your Time Timer® at school:

  • Teach the concept of time and learn to visualize time as a measurement, What does “5 minutes” really mean?
  • Great for managing transitions in (and out of) the classroom. Especially for children with transitional challenges and inclusion students.
  • Transitions “ownership,” allowing educators to be children’s ally. Not the “enforcer” of the classroom schedule.
  • Turns work into fun and encourages sharing: How much can you clean in 15 minutes? Take turns for 20 minutes!
  • Keep students calm, focused and aware of time during practice. While conducting timed standardized tests to satisfy state standards.
  • Give Montessori students freedom to manage their time.
  • Home School: Manage studying, chores and play.
  • Time planning periods and parent conferences!

What Teachers Are Saying:

“I have used one of your Time Timers in my classroom for a number of years with great success. My students like it a great deal, even those who need the challenge of slowing down and doing a good job rather than a rushed job. Two colleagues bought them on my recommendation!”
– Teacher

“The Time Timer really helped me keep track of time at my AP tests.”
– High School Student

“I have been using your Time Timer software for several years when administering science labs, SAT testing, timed classroom presentations, etc. Both teachers and students find it easy to use and view. A great professional tool for classroom use.”
– Teacher