Time Timer Magnetic Pictogram KitMagnetic Pictogram Kit

Time Timer edition

The Time Timer® Magnetic Pictogram Kit is an easy to use tool to support children who need more guidance during their daily activities. It will be most effective while used in combination with a Time Timer. The pictograms will help to develop independence and also to create a perception of time during all kinds of activities, like getting dressed, personal hygiene, play, school and all kinds of tasks.

Time Timer Magnetic Pictogram KitThe set is magnetic, durable and ready to use. No printing, no cutting, no glue, no Velcro or adhesive are required. The illustrations are simple and easy to understand. Any child can identify with them easily.

It is also an excellent tool for parents, teachers and professionals working with children to guide them and help them become more independent.

Time Timer Vertical Magnetic Door Hanger

This kit includes:
•35 magnetic pictograms without text
•35 magnetic Time Timer pictograms
•1 x magnetic door hanger
•1 x dry erase marker

Art. nr. JAC5060 – Time Timer Magnetic Pictogram Kit







Portable Kit

Time TImer Portable KitA handy portable kit with a 2-sided mini magnetic panel that can hold up to 4 magnetic pictograms on each side. For any outdoor activity or special outing. The portable kit can be carried at the belt using the snap ring or at the neck using the lanyard.

No pictograms included.

• Polyester carrier with zippered pouch and marker holder
• 2-sided mini magnetic board
• Dry erase black marker
• Snap ring
• Lanyard

Art. nr. JAC5062 – Portable Kit

Time TImer Magnetic SupportMagnetic Support

The magnetic support can hold up to 10 pictograms. You can fix it on a work surface with two strips of Velcro (included) or place it on any metal surface.

No pictograms included.

Art. nr. JAC5063 – Magnetic Support
Dimensions appr. 20,2×8,5 cm

Time Timer IDEO Magnetic BoardMagnetic Board

You can place The reusable magnetic Board on any metal surface. It can hold up to 32 pictograms.

Only the board.

Art. nr. JAC5064 – Magnetic Board
Dimensions appr. 35,5×21,5cm

Double-sided Magnetic Vertical Door Hanger

The vertical magnetic door hanger has magnetic placeholders on each side to hold magnetic pictograms. 

Pictograms are not included.


Ref.nr. JAC5061 – Vertical Magnetic Door Hanger, double sided

Dimensions 28,8X8,5 cm

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