Time Timer® Children’s Book

“Each Minute, Every Moment”

Time Timer Children’s Book, written by Time Timer inventor Jan Rogers. This book will help young children to make every moment count. The book contains a flip-out paper image of a Time Timer with a movable red disk, which can be used next to the illustrations.

  • Perfect for helping children learn about household routines
  • Includes a Time Timer manipulative so that kids can set the timer for each activity in the book
  • Great fun to read and sing along!
  • Perfect for pre-primary Montessori classrooms – you can create works that go along with activities in the book
  • Beautifully illustrated with hand-designed and carved linocut printing

Illustrated by Kendall Rogers.
Written in English.

12 pages (dimensions appr. 20×20 cm)
Art. nr. JAC5070 – Book “Each Minute, Every Moment”,

Time Timer Children's Book "Each Minute, Each Moment"

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