The Time Timer WASH Suction cup, as with all suction cups, adheres best to smooth, non-porous surfaces such as smooth tile, marble, glass, or mirrors. Surfaces should be totally free of any dirt or soap before trying to attach the WASH suction cup. To ensure a strong hold, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Clean the smooth surface with a household cleaner, rinse and dry thoroughly. 
  2. Further clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and dry thoroughly. 
  3. Run the suction cup under warm water and shake off the extra moisture.  
  4. Insert the Suction Cup into the bottom or back of the Time Timer WASH. Press the WASH and suction cup firmly into the non-porous surface, ensuring there are no air bubbles or gaps between the cup and the surface. 
  5. To further ensure a strong hold when applying vertically on a wall or mirror, allow the suction cup to set for 24 hours before adding the Time Timer WASH unit.  

Tip: Periodically press down the suction cup to remove any possible air pockets that may have developed over time. 

Note: The unit will not stick securely to a non-smooth or porous surface, such as brick, plaster, painted or brushed metal, or wood. Changes in temperature and humidity can also change the pliability of the suction cup, therefore causing air pockets to develop under the suction cup, and ultimately the unit to fall. For best results, apply in temperatures that are warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit/5 degrees Celsius and on a surface that is at room temperature.