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Time Timer Android App - visual timer

Designed for visual people, the new Time Timer app is a huge time saver with eight key features:

1. Create and save Timers for the activities you do every day – morning routines, meetings, projects, children’s activities and more.
2. When you’re out and about, you can quickly customize a new Timer on the go.
3. Choose from four primary colors to brighten your Timer while keeping it simple.
4. Manage multiple projects (or multiple children!) by running up to four Timers at once!
5. Automatically repeat Timers up to 16x – great for sports and housework.
6. Choose Alarm or Vibrate when time is up.
7. Add a numerical countdown to your visual Timer by selecting “Time Display.”
8. Awake Mode: make sure your Android doesn’t fall asleep while Timers are running!

Access #3, 6 & 7 on the Options page:

Time Timer Android App Options

3 Visual Modes
With Time Timer for Android, you can create Timers in 3 different visual modes:

Time Timer Android App - play up to four timers at once!

1. Original 60-Minutes Mode
Just like the classic Time Timer, this mode displays your time as a portion of 60 minutes.


2. Custom Mode
Need a 2-minute Timer? Or a 2-hour Timer? Use Custom Mode. The entire disk can represent any amount of time you need.


3. Clock Mode
In clock mode, time counts down on a traditional analog clock face, so you can see what time it will be when time is up!

Download the app here:


5 Starter Timers

Ready to create your first timers? Here are 5 good Timers to have on-hand:

1. 30-Minute Timer
2. Morning Routine
3. Workout
4. Evening Cleanup
5. “Me” Time!

Create visual timers with Time Timer for Android

How to Create a Timer:
Follow these instructions to create and save your first Timer:

How to create a Time Timer in the Android App

1. Open the App. At the bottom of the “My Timers” screen, you should see an “Add Timer” button.

Note: If you have already created and selected some Timers, then this button will say “Play Timers.” Tap each existing Timer once to de-select it (the checkmark will disappear). Then, “Play Timers” will change to “Add Timer.”

2. On the “Setup” screen (pictured to the left), enter your Timer’s name. Choose a Visual Mode, a Duration and Number of Plays if you would like your Timer to automatically repeat. Save.

3. On the “Options” screen, select your Timer’s color, Time Display and Alarm or Vibrate feature. Save.

4. Check your Timer on the “Preview” screen.

5. Tap your Timer and push Play!




For Children

Children love the Time Timer because the simple visual countdown enables them to understand time. Use the Android App for:

• Morning and bedtime routines
• Homework
• Time-outs
• Music practice
• Sports
• Healthcare appointments
• Transitions
• Mealtimes
• Play time and games – SO important for a child’s development!

Babysitters and caregivers love Time Timer Apps because they can see exactly how much time a child should have for each activity. No more “please five more minutes!” By using the same “bath & bedtime” Timer that a child uses every evening, the caregiver can provide comfort and consistency for the child.

Time Timer Android App


For Adults:

Unlike other visual timer apps, the Time Timer has a professional look and feel to help adults make every moment count. Use the Android App for:

• Yardwork and housework
• Professional meetings
• Team projects
• “Me” time
• Preparing dinner
• Remembering to take medication
• Sports and workouts
• Setting and achieving personal goals

Time Timer Android App Custom Timer

Enjoy the new Android App! Send your feedback to

Time Timer Android App!
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