The Time Timer WASH requires 3 AA/1.5V batteries. We recommend using high quality, single-use alkaline batteries for best results and longevity.  

  1. Gently twist the rear cover to the unlocked position and remove.

2. Open the battery compartment and insert three new AA/1.5V batteries.

3. Replace the battery cover and rear cover of unit and twist to the locked position. 

4. The Time Timer WASH is now ready to use. 

Your Time Timer WASH includes a low-battery indicator. You will see this icon light up when the batteries are 70% through the life needed to operate the WASH.  

Note: During battery replacement, the Time Timer WASH remembers the last setting, including sound settings and Sleep Mode, for about 40 seconds. If battery replacement takes longer than 40 seconds, the unit will default to factory settings.  

To learn more about how long the batteries will last, see “How long will the batteries last in my Time Timer WASH?” in Frequently Asked Questions