Time Timer® Desktop App (Mac or Windows)

Time Timer Desktop AppStress-free time management for office, home and school. Make every moment count during your busy day with the Time Timer Desktop App–a unique visual timer application for both the Mac and PC. The Time Timer Desktop App gives you the ability to customize, save and reuse timers with names, colours, alert and scale options and more! It is available for Mac and PC with three license options: Personal, Multi and Premium.

Features & Benefits:

  • Keep your day on track while working on your computer
  • Float the Time Timer window above presentations and other files to keep your time remaining in clear view at all times
  • Take your time management with you anywhere on your laptop or tablet PC
  • Save the timers that you use most often so that they are ready to go at any time
  • Keep entire groups working together with the same sense of urgency and time remaining
  • Personalize your timers with multiple color options and sounds

Three Licensing Options

The Time Timer Desktop App is available for Mac and PC with three license options:
Personal, Multi and Premium. Select the option that is best for your home, office or school!

  • ‘Always-on-Top’ feature keeps Time Timer visible during presentations
  • Create & save timers for routine meetings, lesson plans and activities
  • Run multiple timers at the same time for visual intervals and total time remaining
  • Ability to lock the timer(s)
  • Automatic software updates – no need to reinstall

Following licenses available

Personal – for 1 user

Multi – for 5 users

Premium – for 25 users

Downloading the Desktop App

1.Purchase the Time Timer desktop App to obtain your license key

2.Visit timetimer.com/europe

3. Select your version that is right for your machine – PC or Mac

4. Once downloaded, enter your licence key and email address at the prompt

Click here to purchase the software!

NEW! Time Timer Desktop App from Time Timer on Vimeo.

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