Introducing the New and Improved Time Timer® PLUS with Pause Feature!

  • Simple Time Visualization: Enjoy the reliable visual time management tool you love, now with a pause option.
  • Pause and Resume: Tailor your time to your needs by easily pausing and resuming the timer.
  • Enhanced Versatility: Ideal for meeting deadlines, maintaining focus, or efficient time organization.
  • Boost Productivity: Elevate your productivitiy both at work and in your daily life.

If you would like to pause your timer, simply push the pause/play button on the front of the timer to engage the pause feature.
The orange ring around the pause button will be visable and the countdown will pause until the button is pushed again and countdown resumes.

  • Clear lens protection for the patented disk.
  • Adjustable volume, center dial, and prominent digits for eause use.
  • Convenient carry handle.
  • Multiple duration options for versatility.
  • Upgrade your time manament with the Time Timer® PLUS and the new Pause Feature!
  • Teach kids the concept of elapsed time.
  • Boost homework and study productivity.
  • Reduce conflicts in daily family routines.
  • Manage transitions with ease by visualizing “how much longer.”
  • Empower teachers to focus on teaching, nog behavour monitoring.
  • Improve performance in tests and at work.
  • Keep meetings punctual and purposeful.
  • Bridging language and cultural barriers effortlessly.