Time Timer® Medium and Large with MAGNETS

Time Timer® Medium with magnets (18 x18 cm)

This size of this Time Timer makes it a versatile product for both individual as well as group applications. This classroom-tested timer can be used free standing, wall mounted or be placed on a metal surface because of its strong magnets. With an optional audible signal.

Ref.nr. JAC5080 – Time Timer® Medium with magnets (18 x 18 cm)

Time Timer® Large with magnets (30×30 cm)

The Time Timer® Large Magnet (30×30 cm) offers the flexibility needed to be at the heart of any classroom or boardroom.
Students learn more when teaches are able to spend more time teaching instead of refereeing.
Meetings stay on track when everyone in the room knows how much time is left.
Now with a magnet option, this large timer can be hanging on a metallic surface, in addition to free-standing or hanging on a wall, making the disappearing red disk visually accessible to everyone whether in a classroom or meeting room

Refnr. JAC5090 – Time Timer® Large with magnets (30 x 30 cm)