Pictograms At School and At Home

Two complete new sets of pictograms in the basic colours green and yellow, which can be used in combination with all our well known Time Timers. Each pictogram features a single line figure, making the image easy to recognize. These pictograms are suitable for children and adults who have difficulty with planning and organizing their daily tasks, like getting dressed, eating, school time, homework, playtime, etc.

Pay attention!!
These Pictograms are not compatible with our
new Time Timers (Pocket, Medium, Large).

Pictograms are most effective when used in conbination with the Time Timer. The pictostand fits on each size Time Timer and is simply taped on top of the device.

Each set contains:  12 pictograms (5x5cms), 2 pictostands and a storage box.

There are two sets of  pictograms:  a set ‘At home’ and a set ‘At school’. Suitable for each size Time Timer!

Ref.nr. JAC5050 – ‘at school’ – 12 pictograms, 2 pictostands, storage box

Ref.nr. JAC5051 -‘at home’ – 12 pictograms, 2 pictostands, storage box