Time Timer® PLUS White – 20 minutes

The Time Timer® PLUS 20 Minute offers a greater visual impact for shorter duration needs such as completing blocks of homework, homeschool learning sessions, silent reading, instrument or sports practice, as well as 15- to 20- minute activities for kids at home. The Time Timer® PLUS 20 Minute is the new secret weapon for workplace meetings with 15- and 20-minute agenda items to keep each item on track and works perfectly when starting an organizing project at home.

Sometimes an hour is too much time, the Time Timer® PLUS 20 Minute makes it easy to visualize how quickly 20 minutes will pass by especially for children when learning from home. This 20 minute timer is great for a wide variety of uses.

time timer plus 20 minutes front
time timer plus 20 minutes angle


  • The Time Timer PLUS® has a clear lens as the other Time Time PLUS®
  • An adjustable end signal and a closed battery compartment
  • The centre dial for setting the time, its large digits and carry-to-go handle ensures ease of use
  • You can teach the younger children to work in time schedules of 20 minutes which is more than enough for young ones
  • Silent operation, no ticking.
  • Works with one (1) AA battery (not included).

Ref..nr. JAC 5033 – Time Timer PLUS white – 20 min (14×18)

time timer plus boy