Time Timer® PLUS – 120 minutes

The Time Timer PLUS® has the following features:
  • Time to be set from 0 to 120 minutes
  • Colour disk PURPLE
  • Clear lens
  • Adjustable end signal
  • Closed battery compartment
  • Centre dial for setting the time
  • Works on one (1) AA battery (not included)
  • Silent operation

Now you can be more flexible than before with 2 hours of time to set. Perfect for older children who have tasks that need more time. And sometimes an hour is not enough. Now you can manage a long meeting and the Time Timer will help to make sure you stay on track and on time!

The colour is different and not to be mixed up by the well-known red disk of 60 minutes Time Timer.

Ref.nr. JAC5034 – Time Timer® PLUS 120 min, white (14 x 18 cm).