1. Charge Dispenser

To charge the dispenser, plug the provided mini-USB cable into the right-hand side of the unit. Plug the USB side of the cable into a USB fitted wall outlet or charging block.   

Solid green light appears above the charging port to represent full charge. If green light is flashing, the unit is still charging. It will take about three hours for the WASH + Soap Dispenser to reach a full charge. 

The Low Battery Indicator will display on the face.

Note: Dispenser does not need to remain plugged in for operation, but will continue to operate when plugged in.  

2. Fill Pump

Fill dispenser with soap by removing cap on the back of unit and filling with regular liquid handwashing soap. It is not recommended to use Hand Sanitizer, Foaming Soap or Exfoliating Soaps with the Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser.  

The amount of soap that will dispense will depend on the thickness of the liquid soap. If you would like more soap to be dispensed, add a little bit of water to the soap.  

Note: Do not overfill. Do not use exfoliating soap, foaming soap, or hand sanitizer.

3. On/Off

Turn unit on and off by pushing the power button on the back of the unit. You will hear a “ker-plunk!” sound to indicate that the unit has been turned on or off.   

4. Adjust Sound 

Once the unit has been powered on, choose your preferred sound setting by pushing the sound button located under the Power button on the back of the unit. Continue to press to cycle through the three sound options:  

  1. Beep only – a short beep will sound at the beginning of the wash cycle (when hand is placed under unit to retrieve soap), a second beep will indicate when it is time to rinse your hands, and a third beep will indicate the completion of the handwashing cycle.  
  2. Beep & Music – the beeps will sound as described above in addition to a fun song to entertain while washing hands.  
  3. Silent – no sounds will be made by the handwashing timer. The icons and disk will illuminate and indicate the current step of the process as time elapses. 
5. Wash Hands 

Once your preferred settings are selected, the unit is charged, and the soap is filled, you are ready to safely wash your hands! Simply hold your hand under the soap dispensing spout as shown below, and the soap will automatically release into hand.  

The amount of soap that is dispensed will depend on the thickness of the soap contained in the soap basin. If more soap is desired as you are washing hands, place hand under spout again. The timer will continue through the cycle. 

Timer initiates automatically once soap is dispensed. 


Clean spout regularly to prevent clogs. If spout becomes clogged, run pump with warm water solution. 

If sensor is not reading, turn pump off, then wipe the sensor area to remove any build up 

While the WASH + Soap Dispenser is water resistant, do not submerge pump in water or use in shower.