The latest innovation from Time Timer LLC (an Inc 5000 company) offers two visual timers and vibrating alerts!
NEW Time Timer Watch PLUS set for 40 minutes in Original Timer Mode

When Jan Rogers invented the original visual timer for her daughter Loran twenty years ago, she had no idea how big this iconic product would become. The Time Timer has become an excellent time management resource for all ages.

Today, Jan recognizes how big her Timer has grown – and how small! The latest Time Timer offering is the new Time Timer Watch PLUS: a feature-packed timer that fits snugly on your wrist. The Adult size is already available. Two Youth sizes will be available beginning December.

“The Time Timer is a great equalizer,” says Jan. “Children understand it, parents and teachers love it, and professionals take it to work. I’ve had many children grow up with the Time Timer and go on to use it in their professional lives. The new Watch PLUS is ideal for them – it’s the same simple Timer with  more information.”

The Watch PLUS is the only watch of its kind, with two visual timers and vibrating or audible alerts when time is up. With a large square LCD screen and comfortable smooth watchband, it’s the most comfortable and durable Time Timer ever.

Manage your Time easily with three visual modes: Clock, Time of Day Alarm and Timer. In Timer mode, the real value of the Watch PLUS shines through. Simply set the Time Timer’s red disk to your desired window of time. As time elapses, the red disk gradually gets smaller, creating an easy visual reference for the passage of time.

“A visual timer is a totally different experience from a kitchen timer,” says Loran Rogers Kerrigan, mother of two. “Instead of this constantly ticking countdown that sends your stress levels sky-high, you can actually see how much time you have left.”

As you’re working on a project, working out at the gym, or enjoying time with your family, you can glance at the red disk to gauge your time. It’s a powerful tool – one that helps people to feel more focused, productive and relaxed throughout the day.

The Time Timer team created the new Watch PLUS according to longtime customers’ requests. “We pay attention,” says Jan. “Our customers are smart.” Many of the Watch PLUS features – including the large LCD and backlight – came straight from customers.

New Time Timer Watch PLUS with recyclable tin

As a result, you can totally customize the Watch PLUS experience – choosing a 12- or 24-hour Clock and a vibrating or audible alert when time is up. The vibrating alert is subtle for a classroom or office settings, while the audible alert is a powerful backup for those of us who hyper-focus.

In addition, the Watch PLUS offers two Time Timer modes. In Original Mode, the red disk represents a portion of 60 minutes, making it easy to build your internal clock. In Custom Mode, you choose the duration of the red disk – from 12 seconds to 12 minutes to 12 hours to 24 hours upt0 99 hours.

“The Watch PLUS is our most complete Time Timer ever,” says Senior Vice President Dave Rogers, “because the Clock, Alarm and two Timer modes integrate really well to help you manage your day. I think people will really enjoy the new features, especially intervals.”

Interval training is easy with the Watch PLUS’s repeatable time segments feature. You can automatically repeat your Timer up to 16x – great for workouts, repetitive tasks and activity stations.

The new Watch PLUS carries special value for adults and children with special needs.

“Jan and Dave are very devoted to customers with special needs, including ADHD and Autism,” says Watch PLUS designer Tricia Wright. “We invested extra time to make this watch all-inclusive. The replaceable watch band, for example, is very soft and comfortable for sensitive skin. The Timer function is absolutely precise. And the bold colors and backlight will help folks with low vision use the Watch PLUS easily.”New Time Timer Watch PLUS Adult size

Time Timer and Watch PLUS are registered trademarks of Time Timer LLC. Founded in 1993 by owner/inventor Jan Rogers, Time Timer LLC creates diverse visual timers based on the disappearing red disk. See all Time Timer products, including software and apps, at, and discover how the Time Timer can help you make every moment count.




NEW Time Timer Watch Plus comes to Europe!
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