Thank you for purchasing a new Time Timer!

This blog shares 4 quick tips to keep your new large, medium and pocket size Time Timer running smoothly.

Keep your Time Timer high, dry and away from curious little hands!

1. Need help? Reach out to our European-based support team via

Your new Time Timer includes a 1-year full warranty, and we are happy to answer any question you have.

2. Remember to give your Time Timer a fresh AA battery at least every four months.

3. Keep your Time Timer up high, dry and away from toddlers’ curious hands!


4. If you think your Timer has stopped working, it may just need a quick cleaning. Dust can get stuck under the red disk and interfere with the timing mechanism.

Keep your Timer clean:

+ Turn the red disk all the way around to 60 minutes and keep spinning.

+ Go around and around, gently loosening the dust.

Then, very very gently, return to 60 minutes.

+ Carefully lift the red disk as you wind it back to 0. All clean!

Caring for your Time Timer
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