Time Timer® Pocket, Medium & Large

Time Timer® PocketTime Timers Pocket, medium en large

The smallest Time Timer audible easily
travels to all activities throughout the day.
A clear protective cover flips open to serve as
a stand for the timer or protect the disk and
face during travel. With optional audible
Operates on 1 AA battery (not included).

Art.nr. JAC5007 – Time Timer audible Pocket (7,5×7,5 cm)

Time Timer® MediumTime Timer audible Medium

The size of this Time Timer
makes it a versatile product for
both individual and group
This classroom-tested timer can
be used free standing or wall
With an optional audible signal.
Operates on one AA alkaline
battery. (Battery not included.)

Art.nr. JAC5008 – Time Timer audible Medium
(18×18 cm)

Time Timer® Large

Time Timer

The largest Time Timer for
classroom and offices.
The Time Timer Large is ideal
for large classrooms and work
spaces. Big bold numbers
make it easy to read from
across the room. It operates
free-standing or wall-mounted. Customize yours
with a blank face and stickers
from the Accessories section.
Optional soft alert when time
is up. Operates on one AA alkaline battery. (Battery not included.)

Art.nr. JAC5000 – Time Timer audible Large (30×30 cm)

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