Time is a precious resource – and Time Timer can help you manage it! 

It’s that time again – a brand new year! All of us at Time Timer are ready for whatever 2022 is determined to send our way. While many people plan New Year’s resolutions, we believe it’s always a perfect time to reevaluate personal and professional goals, and create a clean slate for any part of your life. Everyday is an opportunity for a fresh start – there’s no need to wait for a Monday, a new month, or even a new year. 

Things didn’t go according to plan for you in the office today? No problem! Be easy on yourself, consider a new system or approach, and clean that slate! When it comes to a fresh approach and renewed focus on what’s important, time management is on the goals list for many people. As you embark on your personal and professional journey in 2022, consider where you see room for improvement in your time management patterns and strategies at work. Your time at home and work is precious – be smart about how you manage it. And remember to ask for help when you need it. Let a visual timer like Time Timer be your guide and support in managing your refreshed approach to time management in the office! 

Establish flexible routines 

The key word here is flexibility. One of the first things we recommend around time management is establishing routines – whether at home, work, or in the home office. But flexibility is pretty important here. Most everyone starts their day with a mental plan for how they hope their morning, afternoon, and evening will pan out. Well, we all know how that goes. Life happens! Even the best laid plans can go awry. That’s OK – take steps to create routines or “rhythms” that work for you in reaching daily, weekly, or monthly goals.  

An example – establish a routine around a set block of time once you arrive in the office to consider priorities that will set you up for success throughout the day. Set a visual timer in your workspace for 15 or 20 minutes – with or without an audible alarm – that is YOURS to set up your dominoes for the day. For you, perhaps it’s sitting quietly reading an industry publication while enjoying your morning coffee, meditating, taking time to scroll social media before working, checking e-mails, or whatever you feel will set you up for a smooth start to YOUR day. Everyone is different and has different ideas of “routines” that work for them. Time Timer offers visual timers in beautiful, whimsical colors you’ll enjoy having in your workspace.  Especially this all-new Time Timer MOD® Tie Dye Edition available now for pre-order on our website! When you begin each day with a routine, you’ll tend to stick to it after some time. 

Block and tackle 

Take time to identify major time blocks in your workday. A good place to start is considering what needs to happen in the timeframes before and after lunch. From there, you can identify smaller blocks of time within that framework – and determine how you need to spend your time. Time blocking is a concept many business professionals swear by in maximizing their productivity and efficiency at work. In short, time blocking is based on the concept that if you don’t control your schedule, it ultimately will control you. If you’re like us, that does not sound good. 

That said, take control of your time in 2022 – make every moment count. At the office, this could mean many different things for people, depending on their professional role and personality. According to Cal Newport, author of Deep Work, “A 40-hour time-blocked work week, I estimate, produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week pursued without structure.” If that’s your goal, it will not happen by accident. It takes a bit of flexible planning. 

Using a Time Timer visual timer is a great partner for your foray into time blocking. As you consider priorities for your workday, be realistic about what you’d like to accomplish within each time block. Remember, setting yourself up for success is as important as productivity and achievement. Time blocking your workday is the enemy of an open-ended to-do list. Each time block focuses on ONE task or category of tasks. No multitasking. Of course, with doing comes learning – so this can be an evolution of trial-and-error. Once you create a plan for time blocking, set your Time Timer and get going! With the right focus on some practice, you may discover a huge jump in your own feelings of productivity and accomplishment at work! 

Looking to boost your work productivity and efficiency? Time management strategies are key!

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