At Time Timer, we pride ourselves on offering time management tools that are fit for a variety of purposes in several different contexts, be it home, school, or, yes, the workplace. 

For example, we developed the Time Timer WASH to help people, specifically school-aged children, effectively wash their hands, as the Time Timer WASH provides timed instructions to ensure proper handwashing. School administrators, and more than a few employers, used the Time Timer WASH to keep their schools and workplaces safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Now that we are slowly easing out of the pandemic into comparative normalcy, we will dedicate this article to the Time Timer visual timers that will be great for back-to-work, especially for small business owners.  

Time TimerĀ® MOD 

Modern and modular, the Time Timer MOD is perfect for buckling down for a particularly time-sensitive or demanding task, either individual or one-on-one.  

There are multiple Time Timer MOD models, those being the Education EditionHome Edition, and Sprint Edition. All of the Time Timer MOD timers can be set from 1 minute up to 60 minutes, and are compact, easy to place even on a cluttered desktop.  

Though the Education and Home Editions boast customizable colors, small business owners may benefit the most from the Sky Blue-colored Time Timer MOD – Sprint Edition.  

Featured in the book Sprint by Jake Knapp, this edition includes a guide by Knapp called the Quick Start Guide, which provides a digestible overview of the ā€œdesign sprintā€ framework that Google teams employ in their workplace. With the Quick Start Guide, you and your team will be able to use the Time Timer for meeting time-crunch goals with high efficiency.  

Time TimerĀ® MOD + Dry Erase Board 

If the above-mentioned Time Timer MOD caught your attention, then you may want to consider this deluxe package, which includes both the Time Timer MOD in charcoal and the  Time Timer Dry Erase Board.  

Since we already covered the features of the Time Timer MOD above, we will get right to the Time Timer Dry Erase Board, which includes a built-in 60-minute timer that can be placed just about anywhere in the office. It can function as an activity and message center, letting employees or perhaps customers know about time-sensitive messages and activities.  

With employees, you can write down a list of orders and when they need to be completedā€”so, with four tasks in an hour, you can mark them off in fifteen-minute increments, and the built-in visual timer can let them know if they are behind or ahead.   

For customers, you could let them know how much time is left before closing, or when a service will be made available. The red disk will serve as an easy visual cue for them to measure how much longer they have to waitā€”or leave.  

Time TimerĀ® 120 Minute 

Large, durable, and portable, the  Time TimerĀ® PLUS 120 Minute is perfect to set up in a visible spot in a busy workplace, especially more physically oriented ones.   
With the 2-hour feature, you can bet that this is the Time Timer visual timer of choice for teams that can expect to do lengthy projects or attend meetings that run long. Its size makes it easy for just about anyone to get a sense of the time in just a glimpse.  

Time Timer Original 12ā€ 

This is the Original Time Timer visual timer. A large (and so easily visible) model that runs up to 60 minutes, this has been a favorite for office workers for over 25 years now.  

The size of the Time Timer Original 12ā€, and its flat square shape, should appeal to business owners who perhaps want to hang a Time Timer visual timer on the wall or lean it on a desk, for a canā€™t-miss-it visual reminder that will become a definable feature of your workplace.  

Time Management Tools for All Abilities 

The Time Timer family of products are defined as Intuitive Assistive Tech. Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time ā€“ in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for everyone, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference. Time Timer was Listed as One of Best Ways To Make Offices Disability Friendly. 

Time Timer visual timers are great tools to include in the office to make sure you are assisting your employees of all abilities make the most of their time. It can be a supportive visual and audible cue to ease transitions, batch-task, or run meetings on time. 

The Best Time Management Tools for Your Small Business

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